So… What’s Next?

I’ve been sick for the last few days with a stomach virus, but I’m planning to get out tomorrow and possibly Saturday for more hiking and wildlife photos.  I thought now would be a good time to tell everyone what I plan to do with this blog.

Being an avid hiker and wildlife observer, nothing would make me happier than showing as many hiking places in Dutchess County as humanly possible to the residents of this county.

So my current project (aside from wildlife photography & observation) is drawing up a crude map of Dutchess County and show all the places to go hiking around here.  Taking this one step further, I would like to include directions and downloadable maps to as many of the locations as possible.  If any of them have a website, I would also like to include them in my ‘Links’ section.

I want to give as much as possible because our area has way more hiking and scenic areas than you would expect.  By myself, I’ve visited more than 30 places to go hiking since 2009 alone, some rich in wildlife, some rich in scenery & some in both.

It’s going to take a while by myself, but I assure you that it will be worth the wait.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go to one place to find all of your hiking needs?  I’ll keep you all posted!

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One Response to So… What’s Next?

  1. Peter (and Shelley) Gum says:

    Good idea!
    (I don’t know how technically you are thinking about going about this, but Google maps comes to mind. I wonder whether there is something there that could help jump start this? (I’ll look a littlc closer myself.))

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