The Latest Tidbits

Its been a few days since my last post. I plan to get out Friday and Saturday for a little local hiking and birding in hopes to photograph and see more species that have eluded my binoculars and camera so far. I have just found out on the Poughkeepsie Journal website about a place that I had not previously known about in Pleasant Valley called Bower Park. Looking at the description it looks like it has about a mile of mowed trails through some woods and wildflower fields. Sounds like a birding spot if you ask me! I will report back once I visited the site and will add it to the ‘Places to Hike’ section soon.

Also, I know I am right in the middle of creating the ‘Places to Hike’ section, but I already have a few ideas of what to create next. I was thinking of creating wildlife sections for all of the animals I’ve photographed in Dutchess County so far. My goal is to not only show off more of my photos, but to have a checklist of some sorts for everyone to reference their local wildlife sightings!

So many things to do, not enough time to do them all!

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