11/26/10 – Vassar Farm Hike

While everyone was either out Black Friday shopping or in their Thanksgiving coma from eating too much the day before, I was out at Vassar Farm looking for wildlife to photograph.  I got a later start than normal because of the rain, but once it looked like the weather would hold, I headed out to explore.

Today tested my bird call knowledge, as many birds today remained hidden from view.  I didn’t get any good photographs, nor did I see anything new.  Read on to see my full list.

Full birding list:

  1. Mallards
  2. Red-tailed Hawk
  3. Mourning Dove
  4. Red-bellied Woodpecker
  5. Downy Woodpecker
  6. Northern Flicker (heard only)
  7. Blue Jay (heard only)
  8. American Crow
  9. Black-Capped Chickadee (heard only)
  10. Carolina Wren (heard only)
  11. Eastern Bluebird (heard only)
  12. American Robin
  13. Northern Mockingbird
  14. European Starling
  15. White-Throated Sparrow (heard only)
  16. Dark-eyed Junco
  17. Northern Cardinal (heard only)
  18. American Goldfinch (heard only)
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