Houston, We Have A Problem

On Saturday, December 4th, I headed to Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie, NY.  I was out for about two hours walking the trails, taking wildlife photographs, soaking in the scenery and enjoying yet another sunny day on the weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

When I got home to add my photos to my computer though, I realized that my computer no longer has any space to hold the photos!  Both my laptop and my external hard drive are completely full.  The inexpensive solution is to start burning photos to DVD to make room for my latest and future photos, which I will start tomorrow.  Hang tight everyone!

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2 Responses to Houston, We Have A Problem

  1. Arthur says:

    Hi Derrick
    I like your blog and just got this in my email, (Aren’t the RSS great) anyway. In my business I use a lot of video and photos and I have external drives. One for my videos and one for my photos made by Western Digital. For my photos I have a 500 Gig and my video I have 1.5 Terra bite (1,500 gig). I have 250 gig on my laptop but by using the externals it keeps my system free from the clutter. The externals are relatively inexpensive, I think I paid about $130.00 for the 1.5 TB. My computer guy said the WD are pretty good but says there is another brand that is better if it ever came to having to recover the info from the hard drive. Ask your computer guy about it. Hope this helps you out….

    • Derrick says:

      Thanks for your comment! My biggest worry has always been failure of the external hard drives. I was hoping to get a good deal during Black Friday, but the ones on sale had plenty of bad reviews. The one I currently own is a WD, and it turns itself on for no apparent reason. 😛

      I’ll keep my eyes peeled, thanks for the information! 🙂

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