Completed ‘Birds’ in ‘Wildlife’ Section!

Scarlet Tanager (Male)

There’s one good thing about being snowed in for the day, you can get to things around the house, right?

Well, I didn’t quite do anything around the house, but I did add the remaining bird sections to ‘Wildlife in Dutchess County’!  There are just too many things to list on the main page, so click below to see the list of updates, or simply go to the ‘Wildlife’ section and scour yourself!

List of Updates:

The bird sections now contain all 105 species I have run into in Dutchess County so far!  Some photos are from other non-local places, but that merely means I have a clearer photo of a species that I’ve seen here.  I want the clearest photos that I have on display (although some aren’t so clear yet).

All that is left for me is the ‘Mammals’ section.  The ‘Insects’ section will have to wait longer because I do not have a guide book for them and struggle to identify the many types in our area.  Anyways, I hope this guide is useful to everyone!  If you see any typos or errors, please let me know so that I can correct them.

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