Coyotes on Dutchess Rail Trail

Around 7:30 pm Friday night, my fiancee and I drove past the Dutchess Rail Trail intersection on Grand Ave and saw a coyote.  It is the first one we’ve spotted in a few weeks.  In fact, this is about the fifth or sixth time we’ve seen coyotes at this intersection, all between 5:30-7:30 pm.  I go out of my way to drive down this road because of these sightings now.

In one instance, we were able to pull the car right up near one and watched it walk in front of the car and cross the street.  Anyways, I thought everyone would want to know!  One of these days I hope to get a photo.

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3 Responses to Coyotes on Dutchess Rail Trail

  1. Shelley Gum says:

    That’s very cool. Thanx for mentioning them.

  2. Elaine Andersen says:

    Grand Avenue off Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie?

    • Derrick says:

      That’s the one! The section I keep spotting them is about two miles from the intersection of Grand and Hooker, right at the spot where the Dutchess Rail Trail intersects the road.

      Whenever I get the opportunity to drive in that area, I typically take it, as I’ve seen quite a variety of wildlife: barred owls, woodpeckers, coyotes, turkeys, red-tailed hawks, cooper’s hawks, snakes, skunks, deer, and raccoons are just a few things I’ve seen in that area.

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