Wildlife Photos from 03/09/11 – Peach Hill Park

Red Squirrel

Wednesday’s hike through Peach Hill Park yielded only a few wildlife photographic opportunities, but as I’ve said before, “A bad photography day is, at the very least, a great day of hiking.”

A note on the red squirrel (seen in photograph), every year I find them in roughly the same place at Peach Hill – the easternmost part of the red trail.  They are a fresh break from all the gray ones I see everywhere. 😛

I am still working through the landscape photos that I took during the hike.  They aren’t the greatest looking between the lack of snow and life, but as Spring creeps in, it is a truly beautiful park.  Just a little while longer until life busts back into our parks!

Photo Gallery from Peach Hill Park (03/09/11):

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