New Bird Photographed – Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the 107th bird that I have photographed in Dutchess County – the Brown Creeper!

I went to Vassar Farm early in the morning and almost didn’t see it.  Viewing from the back, they camouflage well into the tree, but from the side, the white belly is exposed.  I found it with a group of other foraging woodpeckers near the front pond.

The last time I even saw one was at Winakee Nature Preserve back in January of 2010, so you can imagine my excitement to not only seeing another one, but getting a really good picture too!  My normal notes and observations entry is coming soon, followed by photos from the day.

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One Response to New Bird Photographed – Brown Creeper

  1. Jamie says:

    Congratulations on such a great shot Derrick! I know from experience they are as hard to photograph as they are to spot.

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