New Birds Photographed – Greater Scaup & Buffleheads

Greater Scaup Pair

It wasn’t that long ago that I added the Brown Creeper to my photography collection of birds in Dutchess County, but not only do I get to add one, I photographed two more!

While at Mills Mansion yesterday (full write up coming), I stopped at the Hudson River to look for ducks.  Within a few moments, I spotted three ducks, which I thought were all ring-necked ducks.  Turned out that only one was a ring-necked duck, while the others were Greater Scaup, my 108th bird photographed in the county!


It didn’t end there either, a few minutes later, I saw something white from very far out on the river.  They kept diving, so it was difficult to identify them at first.  Finally, they came up and I realized that it was a pair of buffleheads, which is now my 109th bird!  As you can see from the photo, they were extremely far away, and that was as close as my telephoto lens would get me.

This was the first time I’ve ever seen either of these ducks in the wild. 🙂

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3 Responses to New Birds Photographed – Greater Scaup & Buffleheads

  1. Congratulations, Derrick. I love to hear your enthusiasm for your new “finds.”

  2. Congrats, Derrick!
    Love all your updates!
    Keep em coming!

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