Wildlife Photos from 05/06/11 – Vassar Farm

American Redstart

Last Friday after work, I stopped at Vassar Farm for some more bird watching.  I managed to find some pretty interesting birds, such as the black-throated blue warbler.  I also saw a tree swallow sitting in a wood duck box and a green heron sitting in a flowering tree filled with warblers.

I have put together a gallery for your viewing pleasure.  I still have to post my photos from Saturday too at Vassar Farm and Peach Hill, then I am caught up!  Mid-May is prime migration time though, so I’m sure I’ll fall right behind again. 😛

Wildlife Photos from 05/06/11 – Vassar Farm (click photos to enlarge)

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2 Responses to Wildlife Photos from 05/06/11 – Vassar Farm

  1. Jeff Nicol says:

    Looks like you had some good birds there that day. The photo of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak is excellent, as is the 1st image of the Redstart. I also really like the photo of the Black Throated Blue Warbler. That would be an incredible image were it not for the branch on front of the bird, but those guys are hard to get out in the wide open. Us photographers just have to take what we can get sometimes. Still, it is a nice, sharp image, not easy to do when the camera usually tries to focus on the closest thing (the branch). Also really liking the Green heron poking out of the brush. Nice set of photos shown here, and a nice variety.

    • Derrick says:

      Thanks Jeff, and its good to hear from you again! I don’t mind the OOF branch too much on the BT blue warbler… I’m just happy to have found one and got a decent photo. I will be posting more photos from Saturday soon.

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