Photos from 05/14/11 – Peach Hill Park

Common Yellowthroat (male)

Before the rain on Saturday, I went to Peach Hill Park yet again to look for new birds.  It didn’t take long before I heard the tennessee warblers again, so I focused some time on trying to photograph them.

It looked like it could rain at any time Saturday morning, so I knew my time was limited.  Common yellowthroats, like the one photographed, were out in the open singing.

Once I got within range of a tennessee warbler singing, I hunkered down to see if he would appear from within the tree.  20 minutes went by and the warbler still didn’t present himself.  Surprisingly though, another warbler jumped out into my shot that I just couldn’t pass up.

Wilson's Warbler

It was a wilson’s warbler!  He flew right on to a branch nearby, and just as quickly, flew off.  Had I not seen his black cap on his head, I may have dismissed it as a yellow warbler.  I only managed to get a single photo, which is displayed on the left.

After that excitement, the tennessee warbler finally popped out the tree a little bit to sing his song, and that was all I needed to photograph him.  Time well spent this time around!

Things got a little quiet at this point, and with all the hiking I had done in the previous days, I soon realized just how exhausted I was.  I decided to head home at this point, but I certainly heard and saw a few thingd that made me want to stay.

Orchard Oriole (juvenile)

The first of those was a juvenile orchard oriole that flew to the top of an tree as I was heading back to the parking lot.  It was tough to get a good photograph with the weather, but I did my best.  He stayed around for a good 30 seconds before taking off into a wooded area.

The second thing I heard that peaked my interest was a barred owl calling from the woods near the parking lot.  I hung around for a bit to see if he would call out again, but he didn’t.

All in all, I can’t complain considering everything I had seen in the last week.  One new bird at Vassar Farm, and seven new birds at Peach Hill Park in a mere two days.  I know where I will be next year during migration time!  Below the photo gallery will be the full sighting list from the day.

Photos from 05/14/11 – Peach Hill Park (click photos to enlarge)

  1. Mallard
  2. Wild Turkey
  3. Cooper’s Hawk
  4. Mourning Dove
  5. Barred Owl (heard only)
  6. Red-bellied Woodpecker
  7. Pileated Woodpecker
  8. Willow Flycatcher
  9. Eastern Kingbird
  10. Warbling Vireo
  11. Blue Jay
  12. American Crow
  13. Black-capped Chickadee
  14. House Wren
  15. Wood Thrush (heard only)
  16. American Robin
  17. Gray Catbird
  18. Northern Mockingbird
  19. Brown Thrasher
  20. Blue-winged Warbler
  21. Tennessee Warbler
  22. Chestnut-sided Warbler
  23. Magnolia Warbler
  24. American Redstart
  25. Common Yellowthroat
  26. Wilson’s Warbler
  27. Eastern Towhee
  28. Chipping Sparrow
  29. Field Sparrow
  30. Song Sparrow
  31. Northern Cardinal
  32. Rose-breasted Grosbeak
  33. Red-winged Blackbird
  34. Brown-headed Cowbird
  35. Orchard Oriole
  36. Baltimore Oriole
  37. American Goldfinch
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