Scenery Photos from 05/21/11 – Mt Beacon

Mt. Beacon

Last year, I took a single photo at the top of Mt Beacon with my camera phone of the fire tower.  This year, I decided to lug all my gear up and take plenty of shots to make up for it.  With the threat of rainy weather possible, the sky looked pretty interesting at times.

Believe it or not, the hardest thing about the hike wasn’t the incline this time around, but dealing with the hordes of black flies chewing us up.  Personally, I have about 20 bites on my arms, and that was with bug spray.  Looks like I’ll be spraying stronger stuff on my clothes for my next trips.  Anyways, I hope you like the photos… there’s a lot of them!

Scenery Photos from 05/21/11 – Mt. Beacon (click photos to enlarge)

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One Response to Scenery Photos from 05/21/11 – Mt Beacon

  1. Elaine Andersen says:

    Stunning scenery! Thank you for sending these.
    The insect bites you endured reminded me of the
    Lewis and Clark laments about the clouds of
    mosquitos tormenting them day and night.
    Bug spray may not have helped them, either!

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