Photos from 06/02/11 – Dutchess Rail Trail (Hopewell Junction)

Last Thursday, I had an opportunity to check out a section of the Dutchess Rail Trail that I hadn’t been to.  I have been to the one between Morgan Lake and Overrocker Rd in Poughkeepsie a couple of times, so I was curious to see if there were any differences.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a paved path, and also a soft path next to it for runners.  The handout that I picked up at a kiosk stated that the trail opened to the public back in November 2007 and is 1.7 miles long.  When combined with the section just recently opened, this trail is a little over 8 miles long!

I took pictures for my short walk on the trail for your viewing pleasure.  This location will be included in my revised ‘Places to Hike’ section, which I hope to piece together one location at a time, much like the ‘Wildlife’ section.  Enjoy!

Dutchess Rail Trail (Hopewell Junction) Photos – (click photos to enlarge)

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2 Responses to Photos from 06/02/11 – Dutchess Rail Trail (Hopewell Junction)

  1. Deb Kral says:

    Which section of trail is this, Derek? From Morgan Lake to the Walkway?

    • Derrick says:

      Its between Rt. 376 and Lake Walton Road in the Town of East Fishkill. Lake Walton seems like a big enough body of water for migrating ducks when the season is right too!

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