Scenery Photos from 06/25/11 – Reese Sanctuary

As if photographing bald eagles and hiking through Bowdoin Park wasn’t enough last Saturday, we managed to squeeze in a short hike at Reese Sanctuary in Wappingers Falls.  Reese Sanctuary runs along the Wappinger Creek and there’s actually a really old cemetery located there!

The trail itself was very overgrown and there were actually two trees down on the way to the cemetery, but it was completely worth the effort.  I took some pictures throughout the hike for those who are interested.

Photos from Reese Sanctuary (click photos to enlarge)

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2 Responses to Scenery Photos from 06/25/11 – Reese Sanctuary

  1. hey so me and a couple of friends came across this today and were wondering if you had anymore background info on the site other than what the placard said, and also on our way up to the trail there was a gate that had a paper attached that said us troop and a number: the eagle project, any idea what that is?

  2. Derrick says:

    I dont know much about the old cemetery other than the sign there, sorry.  As for the eagle project, I believe the trail work was done by eagle scouts.  If I come across any more information, I will let you know!

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