New Butterfly Photographed – Question Mark

Question Mark

I have been trying to confirm this since I got home from my hike through Vassar Farm this afternoon (more on that later), and I finally got it.  Introducing the Question Mark!

Not being a butterfly expert at all, I only have reference guides, online sites and help from local experts to help me whenever I find something I don’t recognize.  I thought this was an Eastern Comma, and if you’ve seen my own butterfly guide, it easy to confuse the two.

What seems to be the best way to tell them apart is the ‘V’ pattern of black spots on the upper forewing.  If the ‘V’ pattern has six spots, it is most likely a Question Mark.  Eastern Commas typically have five spots.  I found three total at Vassar Farm Friday, two at the barn in the parking lot and one at the front pond.  If you plan to go this weekend, be sure to look for them!

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