08/02/11 – Peach Hill Park Hike

After work on Tuesday, I quickly got to Peach Hill Park for a little hike to the summit and around the surrounding trails.  The day immediately started with a bang in the parking lot with several barred owls hooting.  No sightings.

In the vicinity, I saw several butterflies and decided to follow them for photos.  My real hope was for an owl or two to emerge, but it never happened.  Instead, I found an eastern comma butterfly, the crossline skipper I mentioned earlier, a spicebush swallowtail, and a hummingbird clearwing moth.

After a half hour of waiting, I decided to head to the summit and end my hike back where I started, by the barred owls.  There were plenty of mockingbirds and starlings throughout the park, and occasionally I saw yellow warblers and blue-winged warblers.  As I made my way up to the summit, there were plenty of monarchs and even some red admirals.

The higher up the hill I went, the more I just stopped to enjoy the surrounding scenery.  Honestly, I wanted to get back to the parking lot to see if the owls were within in range.  The good news was that they were still hooting, and I could make out four distinct calls!  The bad news was that I waited until 7:30 pm and no owl sightings or photographs.  Better luck next time, I guess.  Photos coming soon!

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