08/23/11 – Peach Hill Park Hike

It was beautiful outside when I got out of work Tuesday evening, so when I got home, I cleaned my camera gear and went off to Peach Hill Park for a quick stroll.  Just last week, I posted a pair of panoramic shots from the scenic overlooks, which was something new for my blog.  I wanted to work on that a little bit as well as look for wildlife.

In the parking lot, the barred owl was hooting in the woods.  It has become almost like clockwork when I make an evening visit, right around 6 pm.  I didn’t see or hear much else other than some goldfinches, house wrens & field sparrows.

Since I wasn’t having much luck on the wildlife front, I switched to a shorter lens to shoot landscape and scenery.  I played with the settings on my camera quite a bit to see if I could get the best out of a scene, which had mixed results.  The sky was really coming alive too as the sun was setting, so I figured I would set up at the Catskill Mountain overlook.

After dozens of setting changes, I found the perfect set up to get my panoramic shot (see below).  It was short lived though, as a six point buck got a little too close for my liking on several occasions.  Fearing I might get attacked, I packed up and headed back.  Of course, I snapped photos all the way back to the parking lot (such as the one above).  As for the deer, it’s not the first time I’ve been displaced by them in my travels. 😛

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One Response to 08/23/11 – Peach Hill Park Hike

  1. Candis says:

    Those are particularly beautiful.

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