08/30/11 – Vassar Farm Flooding

I went to Vassar Farm after work today to see what the rains had done to my favorite trails.  Driving in to the parking lot gave me an immediate look at the front pond, and I was devastated to see my favorite trail completely submerged.  It looks like a canoe/kayak launch spot!

In comparison, click here to see a photo of what it looked like in July.  This has been a favored spot for me, as it is the first place I photographed belted kingfishers, green herons, common mergansers, and more.

Thankfully, the main gravel trail was still above water and in good condition.  The back ponds, where I expected to see the most damage, were actually in the best shape!  A little muddy in the worst spots, but very manageable.

I don’t know what I’m going to do without the front pond trail.  Perhaps explore some of the other trails?  Either way, here’s a panoramic shot of the front pond in all of its flooded glory. (Sorry about the color issues on the photo, forgot to switch to a specific setting.)

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