10/08/11 – 10/10/11 – Three Day Weekend

I’ve been out hiking and photographing more than updating the blog as of late, so lets get you guys and gals caught up!

Northern Brown Snake

10/08 – On Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon at Vassar Farm with my fiancee.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I just hiked my normal route to see what I could find.  Most of my sightings, including several northern brown snakes and one new butterfly, came from the main gravel trail leading to the field station.

Throughout the field were dozens of clouded sulphurs, orange sulphurs & monarchs too.  I took hundreds of photos, to this batch may take a while.

Oktoberfest at Hunter Mtn

10/09 – Sunday was the last day of Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain, so we made a second trip up there for some bratwurst and beer.

Thankfully, the weather was much more favorable for viewing the mountainous landscape (unlike last week’s trip).  We just about filled up the entire memory card on the camera with autumn shots.  My fiancee took most of the photographs for this upcoming gallery.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

10/10 – On Monday, I got out of work early and decided to go to Peach Hill Park to scope out some autumn views and see what birds are moving through the area.  I spotted a few migrants, including ruby-crowned kinglets and yellow-rumped warblers, plus a winter visitor, the white-throated sparrow.

Once the wildlife became sparse, I switched to photographing the landscape from atop the hill.  I tried to stay until sunset, but the mosquitoes did some fairly good damage, even after using plenty of bug spray.

Expect photos over the next couple of days!

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