Photos from 10/08/11 – Vassar Farm

Orange Sulphur

Last Saturday turned out to be a great day for interesting photographs.  With the butterflies, not only did I photograph an american snout, but I got a great shot of an orange sulphur in mid-flight, exposing the inside of its wings.  If you’ve seen sulphurs before, you know they land with their wings close, so getting one on takeoff was extremely lucky on my part.

With the snakes, I had several opportunities to photograph northern brown snakes.  One of them didn’t want to budge when I tried to nudge him out of harm’s way, which made for an interesting photo too.  With the birds, I witnessed a juvenile red-tailed hawk getting harassed by a group of crows.  What played out was a very intense dogfight and at a few points, I thought the hawk might get a piece of a crow!  Definitely an exciting day!

Photos from Vassar Farm (click images to enlarge)

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