New Bird Photographed – Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck (on left)

With my knee becoming more problematic as the weeks go on, I changed up my game plan a little bit.  Instead of doing my several hour hike at one place, I drove to several lakes in the area to look for migrating ducks.

The lake at Overlook Park in Poughkeepsie was the hotspot today, with my very first Ruddy Duck sighting!  The moment I saw her flip her tail up like a fan, I knew exactly what it was.  She was with a ring-necked duck transitioning into breeding plumage and several ring-billed gulls.  More photos are on the way.  This is now the 126th bird I’ve photographed in Dutchess County.

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2 Responses to New Bird Photographed – Ruddy Duck

  1. Lyn Burnstine says:

    Where is Overlook Park, Derrick. Sorry about your knee. You’re too young for that–should be only us old geezers! Ask your doctor and your insurance company about Synvisc! Good luck.

  2. Derrick says:

    Overlook Park is on Overlook Road in Poughkeepsie. If you are coming down the arterial (east), you can take either 44 or 55. From Rt.44, go past Adams, take a right Degarmo Road, which becomes Overlook Road & the park would be on your right. From Rt.55, go approximately 1.7 miles and take a left on to Overlook Road. You will see the small lake first before the turn comes up on your left.

    As for the knee, 10 years of rock/mountain climbing and double the years in hiking might be taking its toll. I’m hoping its nothing, but a visit to the doctor seems to be in order.

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