12/26/11 – Peach Hill Park

Peach Hill (green trail)

I finally made my triumphant return to Peach Hill Park in the Town of Poughkeepsie after about a two and a half months of visiting other spots.  I have typically have decent luck with winter birds here, so I crossed my fingers in hopes of photographing my first american tree sparrow of the season.

My fiancee and I started up the hill and decided to take the newest trail to the summit, the green trail.  After taking it, I feel that it is definitely the steepest part in the park.  I will be interested in seeing what this area holds for the spring time visitors.

At the end of the green trail, I ran into my first flock of winter birds.  I observed each one as they passed by, with nearly all of them being dark-eyed juncos.  One bird of the bunch that wasn’t a junco ended up being my sighting of the day, the one bird I wanted to see from the very start.

American Tree Sparrow

Sitting about 15 feet away from us, on the outside of the tree, unobstructed from any branches was my american tree sparrow!  I acted quickly, but was only able to snap five photos, which this one being the clearest.  There is nothing more satisfying than finding those seasonal birds that are only here for a few months!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful with sightings.  Thankfully, Peach Hill is a great place to walk, and we did a lot of it.  All in all, we probably walked the entire perimeter of the park, plus the parts of the white trail through the orchard.  It was a little breezy, but the sun was nice and warm.

I don’t have many photos to post from this hike, but I will post them when I get a chance.  We will hopefully be moving into our new home next week, so I might not get to it as quickly as normal.  Until next time!

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