New Bird Photographed – Merlin


The first wildlife photo of 2012 was quite a doozy!

I had about 45 minutes to spare this morning, so I decided to run over to Vassar Farm and see if I could pull off a good photo or two.  At the front pond, sitting at the top of one of the trees near the trail, was this beautiful little raptor.  She was actually not facing my way at first, but she turned around seconds later, and stayed the whole time.

I had several people stop to see what I was photographing, and she just sat there with the sun behind me, allowing me the best possible scenario to photograph her.  This is the 127th bird I’ve photographed in Dutchess County and the first of 2012!

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2 Responses to New Bird Photographed – Merlin

  1. What a lovely creature–congratulations, Derrick.

  2. Jamie says:

    Wonderful picture Derrick, and must be a rare sighting for Dutchess County.

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