Wildlife Around Town in Kennebunkport

Common Loon

There was no shortage of wildlife around town in Kennebunkport between the various species of gulls and waterfowl spotted throughout our stay.  Saturday, January 21st was the toughest day for me, as we sat and ate lunch at Federal Jack’s, watching everything I wanted to photograph through the window while it was snowing.

First came a common loon, then three buffleheads, and a seal all within minutes of each other!  I almost couldn’t sit still with all the activity outside.  After lunch, I ran and got my camera, and managed to only capture a few shots of the loon.  Still, it was another species to add to my life list.  Things only got better from here.


Sunday was a much better day in town, with the hotspot being in a single public parking lot.  From there, I photographed a pair of buffleheads and a common goldeneye, another new bird for me.

Monday, January 23rd was the best day in town, despite the worst weather.  With the rain coming down and the cloud cover thick, I stopped at several parking lots along the ocean.  One lot in particular got me two more new birds, a female horned grebe and an eidar duck!  Another parking lot got my sighting of the trip, a lone male red-breasted merganser, yet another new bird.

So there you have it, five new birds, all within five minutes of where we stayed in town.  Success!

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2 Responses to Wildlife Around Town in Kennebunkport

  1. Janet says:

    I like your general theme of local photos. I am doing something similar myself but am writing very short fictional stories to go with the photos. All photos are taken in my neighbourhood of Toronto.

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