02/18/12 – Vassar Farm Hike

Common Mergansers

Made a quick stop at Vassar Farm to hike through the front pond area in search of waterfowl, woodpeckers and whatever else crossed my path.

The common mergansers were back again with a new female joining them.  It seems like every weekend I spend a few minutes waiting for just the right shot, and the one here was that moment I was looking forward to.

I didn’t see too much more after that.  I did see a red-tailed hawk and a turkey vulture towards the end of the day, but there was more activity outside my new home!  I woke up in the morning to the call of a pileated woodpecker!  From there – juncos, woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, and carolina wrens were all spotted in a matter of minutes.  As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared just as quickly.

My wife and I also spent some time in the Town of Clinton (more on that later), so stay tuned for a writeup of that, plus the few photos from Vassar Farm.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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