React Quickly… You Might Miss Your Chance

When I’m the passenger in a car, I am constantly looking at the passing trees for signs of life.  Whether it be something common like a crow or a bird of prey perched on a branch, I love trying to find anything.  It’s rare that I get to do this AND have the camera handy, but the stars aligned for a change.

After thinking I spotted something, I asked if we could stop along the road so that I might get a picture.  Look at the shot below and tell me if you see it:

Yep, I saw that tail from a moving car!  I was trying to figure out how to possibly get a better shot without spooking it, but suddenly, he took flight!  In less than a second, I reacted and took a photo.  With the bird quickly gone, I looked at my camera screen to see my prize:

Cooper's Hawk

I couldn’t have asked for a better picture with a cloudy backdrop.  From the time I got out of the car with the camera to looking at the photo, only seconds had passed.

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5 Responses to React Quickly… You Might Miss Your Chance

  1. avian101 says:

    Good thing that you had a quick reaction! Nice shot! 🙂 If you you visit my blog tomorrow I’ll show you what I shot!

  2. Elaine Andersen says:

    Amazing to catch such a shot in a split second!

  3. Wazeau says:

    How on earth did you see that tail from a moving car? Wow your eyes are so attuned!

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