Look Who I Found Today!


It was a gloomy, cold and drizzly day, but when there was the slightest break in the weather, I got over to Vassar Farm for a little searching.  I kept my search to two locations: the front pond for waterfowl and herons, and the community gardens for sparrows and robins.

The pond was a bust, with only a pair of mockingbirds.  Thankfully, scampering about the community gardens was my first of season killdeer!  If only the sun were out, the photo would have really popped!  I only managed that shot and a few blurry ones before he took off to the larger field where you can’t walk.

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One Response to Look Who I Found Today!

  1. There were some on the rocks sticking up at Morgan Lake the other day–I couldn’t get a clear shot with my 6x lens, but you could. Your shot is beautiful. I love his stripes.

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