Wildlife Photos from 04/12/12 – Lake Walton

Ring-necked Ducks

I had a little time to go walking on the Dutchess Rail Trail in Hopewell Junction, so I figured I would head out to Lake Walton to see if I could find any migrating ducks.  I got way more than I anticipated, which is just the way I like my outdoor excursions.

Before I even got to the lake, I found a female hooded merganser in a small pond and my first ever pine warbler along the trail.  Before I got to my destination, I was already completely happy with my day!

When I got to Lake Walton, I spotted a mute swan, canada geese, some double-crested cormorants and several ring-necked ducks.  When I found a decent spot to photograph the ring-necked ducks, I had an osprey fly about 15 feet above me!  What a surprise!  I barely had time to react to that when I had a beaver swim right past me too!.  I tried my best to photograph everything, but as it neared 7 pm, my light was just about gone.

You can see what I was able to get below.  Enjoy!

Photos from Lake Walton (click photos to enlarge)

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