Wildlife Photos from 04/15/12 – Lake Walton

Rusty Blackbird

So, the return trip to where I found my first pine warbler was a little cloudier and rainier than my previous visit.  I was hoping lightning would strike twice and I would find another warbler species that I’ve never seen.

Well, I did find a warbler species, but it’s one I’ve seen before.  Still, it was a first of season yellow-rumped warbler, and it is beautiful bird nonetheless.  Too bad the weather wasn’t looking as pretty as the bird though.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

The clouds really began to roll in as I got to Lake Walton, but once I saw the ducks out on the water, I completely lost focus on the weather.  Two pairs of ring-necked ducks and 2 pied-billed grebes, the later being a new bird for me!  I couldn’t any good photos, but I did my best.

After the wild indigo duskywing sighting, it began to rain, so i had to pack it up and head out.  A few minutes later the rain stopped, and just in time too, as I began to hear dozens of rusty blackbirds!  Still cloudy out, I tried my best to photograph them, since I’ve only ever seen them once before.

Once again, it was a short day with a few sightings, but those few were certainly not the most common birds around town.  Enjoy the gallery below!

Photos from Lake Walton (click photos to enlarge)

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