Wildlife Photos from 04/20/12 – Vassar Farm

Brown-headed Cowbird (Male)

After work on Friday, I was able to get a ride over to Vassar Farm.  I was barely out of the car when a first of season barn swallow landed on a power line in the parking lot!  I was able to get a couple of shots before the wind blew him off the line and he flew away.

At the front pond, the only birds that I could photograph were the common grackles all around.  The day seemed to be leaning towards a quiet one, but I pressed on looking for wildlife to photograph.

At the community gardens, I looked for the killdeer I had seen previous times, but I didn’t find him.  I did find a pair of brown-headed cowbirds that got unbelievably close.  I figured that was good enough to give them the headlining shot for the article. 😛

Question Mark

The back ponds had several butterflies fluttering about, including question marks and eastern commas.  Still, it was much quieter than I expected.  Seeing that we hadn’t gotten any rain in a while, I decided to hike some of the trails that are usually muddy.

At one point on during this trail hike, both crows and a red-shouldered hawk were making quite a bit of noise.  It made me wonder if there was an owl nearby, so I watched and waited.  After 20 minutes, it went silent, so I continued on.  I actually didn’t anything else the rest of hike, but I think I got a fair amount of photos to share.

Photos from Vassar Farm (click photos to enlarge)

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