A Splash of Extra Colors at Peach Hill Park (04/28/12)

Blue-winged Warbler

Photo gallery from this hike is at the end of the article.

It was a warbler filled day at Peach Hill Park last Saturday.  In total, I found five different species of warbler.  The best part?  I got photographs of each of them.

We had two new arrivals Saturday morning, yellow warblers and blue-winged warblers.  The blue-winged warblers were a little nicer than the yellows, which is strange because it’s usually the other way around.

The highlight of the day came about two hours into the hike, when I finally got the first opportunity in nearly a year to get photos of a black-and-white warbler.

Black-and-white Warbler

In the middle of several singing yellow-rumped warblers, I could pick out a single black-and-white singing too.  Studying up on my bird calls paid off, because it made all the difference!

Between the time I spotted him and he flew out of range, I had about fifteen seconds to get what I wanted.  It was more than enough.

The rest of the crew of birds were all in attendance, including palm warblers, field sparrows, brown thrashers and house wrens.  I thought I heard a rose-breasted grosbeak at one point, but it never came into view.

There are still quite a few birds I’m waiting to see this year at the park, including orioles, scarlet tanagers and indigo buntings.  Of course, any new species I’ve never seen before are always welcome too. 🙂

Photos from Peach Hill Park (click photos to enlarge)

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