Cross Another One Off the List

Black-throated Green Warbler (2011)

Just a few days ago, I posted the ‘What I’ve Give For a Second Chance‘ entry, which I wrote after finally getting a photo of a black-and-white warbler that I was truly happy about.

After the eventful weekend I had, I ran into two of the warblers on the list.  Of those two, the black-throated green warbler fell to my persistence.

It wasn’t easy, but my hike at Peach Hill Park on Saturday turned into a game of cat and mouse for this shot.  Every time I would hear the warbler sing in the park, I would walk to the general area in hopes I would get ahead of him.  The first time we crossed paths, I got two photos looking directly up at him before he took off, so they were no good.  That was at 10:17 am.

A half hour later, I got my second look at him.  This time was a little better, but there was a branch that was in front of his head.  It was a step in the right direction, but still not quite the shot I was hoping for.  That was at 10:49 am.

Finally, at 11:04 – 45 minutes after my initial photo, I got my chance.  After getting into position for a ‘third time’s a charm’ run-in, the warbler jumped out onto a branch that was largely unobstructed!  I knew this was going to be the moment I was waiting for!  I took a few photos, and within seconds, he was gone for good.  When I looked at the photos, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Below is the shot I got after an hour…

Black-throated Green Warbler (2012)

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One Response to Cross Another One Off the List

  1. Elaine Andersen says:

    Derrick, you get the Gorilla-Glue Award to stick-to-itiveness!
    A worthy shot.

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