Operation ‘Migration Lockout’ Begins Tomorrow

Northern Parula (2011)

In an effort to observe and photograph as many migrants as humanly possible, I have taken off a few days from my job to coincide with the ‘peak’ of migration.  I’m calling this stretch of days – Operation ‘Migration Lockout’.

From Thursday through Monday (weather permitting), I will be using every ounce of my time, knowledge, patience, and energy for a chance at seeing the rarest of birds in Dutchess County, particularly warblers.

Perhaps I will see some new species for the first time.  Perhaps I will get better photos of previously seen birds.  Or perhaps (but hopefully not) I won’t see anything at all.  Only time will tell!  For all of those who will be doing bird watching over the next couple days as well, I wish you the best of luck!  Happy birding!

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2 Responses to Operation ‘Migration Lockout’ Begins Tomorrow

  1. avian101 says:

    I wish you a lot of luck Derrick! One day can you describe your photo equipment and how do you organize your gear? Thanks! 🙂

    • Derrick says:

      Thanks HJ! On the equipment front (in short), I use a Canon EOS 50D and a Sigma 150-500mm for all my wildlife photography. And while I dream of one day owning high end camera equipment, my current setup is great for blog purposes, and occasionally, I get a few shots that I could likely sell to reach my goals. Right now though, I am focused on being out in the field, educating myself and others of the wildlife and hiking location in our county, and of course, documenting my travels via photos. 🙂

      Once migration dies down a little bit, I plan adding a few sections to my site, including, my range of lenses and cameras.

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