Wildlife Photos from 05/05/12 – Peach Hill Park

Chestnut-sided Warbler

It’s now that time of year I’ve been dying for… the time where I can step outside and see 20 species of birds before I even start hiking.  Migration is kicking into high gear, I’m bringing it to you one bird at a time.

The morning forecast called for mostly sunny skies, but it was anything but that for a majority of the day.  It ruined beautiful looks at several warbler species, including a rare pair of migrating wilson’s warblers in the parking lot.  I have only seen this species once a year since 2010, so imagine my surprise to see two in a single day and as the first bird of the day!

And it was only the beginning…

With every turn, I saw something exciting to photograph.  I did my best to capture what I could with the limited light.  I really lucked out with my only sighting of a black-throated green warbler for the weekend, and I fully capitalized on it.  Enjoy the photos!

Photos from Peach Hill Park (click photos to enlarge)

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One Response to Wildlife Photos from 05/05/12 – Peach Hill Park

  1. avian101 says:

    Excellent work Derrick! 🙂

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