New Bird Photographed – Fish Crow

Fish Crow

This was one of the few ‘year-round’ species in our area that I was never able to get a photograph of until now.  I’ve had countless sightings when I didn’t have my camera handy, and I’ve heard their short ‘cah’ call even more so.

This one was sitting on top of the historic Mills Mansion in Staatsburg.  How did I know it’s a fish crow?  Well, the one thing my camera can’t capture was his call, which he did several times.  Fish crows are smaller than the american crows, about 2.5 inches smaller according to my guide book.

Not exactly a big difference, so I was glad he called out like he did so I could quickly make the ID.  I’m now up to 134 bird species photographed in Dutchess County alone!

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2 Responses to New Bird Photographed – Fish Crow

  1. avian101 says:

    Congratulations Derrick! 🙂

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