New Butterfly Photographed – Zabulon Skipper

Delaware Skipper

*After a hike at Peach Hill Park on Monday, I was told of a skipper called a zabulon skipper, which also is very similar.  I have reached out for more input.  Delaware or zabulon, either one is new to me!

At Hopeland Park, my wife pointed out this little skipper mixed in with some red admirals and silver-spotted skippers.  I thought it was a least skipper at first, but while I was editing the photo, it looked slightly different me.  I did some research and it more closely resembled a delaware skipper than a least skipper.

I sent the photo out to for confirmation and someone came back and said they think it is also a delaware skipper!  UPDATE – After a week of debate, the photo is of a zabulon skipper.

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