A Fine Line Between Everything and Nothing

On my blog, you get to see a world of wildlife through my viewfinder.  There’s a lot a love that goes into this.  Hours of hiking, photography and education in hopes to capture everything I see.  The shots then come off the camera and onto my computer, where I edit, crop, lighten, and sharpen to give the best possible look to a species to share with you all.  It takes hours to get everything ready before you see it.

There is some scary about this process though.  If one thing fails, everything comes to a halt.  Well, that happened Monday…

While working on photos from migration, I noticed the battery on my laptop was almost dead.  It was weird because I had my laptop plugged in too.  I couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch the battery drain to nothing.  The power cord failed me.  The laptop now is about as helpful as my desktop, which also failed me.

I can’t say this is a surprise.  I have to be realistic – I was using a six year old laptop and was using an even older desktop to work everything you’ve seen to date.  It’s time for an upgrade.  It’s gotta wait though, I don’t have the funds right now.  I had another power supply from my wife’s laptop (also with it’s share of issues) which actually works with mine, so it will keep me going for now.  Like a band-aid on an open wound, it’s not going to get better.

I’ve thrown a donation button on the site for anyone who would like to contribute.  Every penny will go to future problems that arise.   Don’t think that it’s a necessity to donate, I will still make it work.  If you think I’m persistent about finding wildlife, I’m even more persistent about keeping everything as it should be at Local Exploration! 🙂

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