Wildlife Photos from 05/19/12 – Innisfree Garden

Warbling Vireo (slightly leucistic?)

A visit to Innisfree Garden last Saturday was supposed to be all about the scenery (photos to come from that later), but those darn birds are everywhere! 😛

I had a few highlights, including some mallard ducklings and yellow-throated vireos.  The one that really stood out to me was the photo you see here.

This bird was brought to my attention on Facebook, when a photo was posted that we couldn’t ID.  Turned out to be this warbling vireo with a white patch on his head!  The field marks on his head were obscured by the patch, but I confirmed the ID when I heard him sing.  The white patch is from a genetic mutation known as leucism.

I am no expert on leucism, but I found a real interesting article explaining it better here.  For the rest of the wildlife photos from the day, read on.

Wildlife Photos from Innisfree Garden (click photos to enlarge)

*The eastern phoebe is not injured in the photo.  He flew down from the trees, flattened himself out on the ground and spread his feathers out.  Interesting behavior!

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