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Natural Stone Bridge and Caves (Pottersville,NY)

Years and years ago, I visited this tourist spot for the first time.  My wife (back then, girlfriend) and I were vacationing at a bed and breakfast in Windham, NY when we found the little pamphlet about this place. “Exit … Continue reading

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Fort William Henry in Lake George

I very rarely get to be a tourist… with most of my time dedicated to outdoor hiking, wildlife photography, and my full time job.  But in going to Lake George for the first time, some places definitely peaked my interest.  … Continue reading

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Wildlife in the Adirondacks

I brought my camera up in to the Adirondacks for my little birthday excursion just in case I had a little time to look and listen for wildlife.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to look very far, as there were plenty … Continue reading

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The End of a Decade & The Start of a New One

Last week, Local Exploration turned two years old.  This weekend, Saturday to be exact, I reached another milestone – 30 years of age!  To celebrate, my wife, two friends and I went up into the Adirondacks, about 40 minutes north … Continue reading

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Two Full Years!

Today – Local Exploration turns two years old!  It’s hard to believe, but in that short amount of time I’ve posted over 500 blog entries and shared over 3,500 photos.  All in all, my blog has been visited 45,000 times!  … Continue reading

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Zazzle News – Introducing Jigsaw Puzzles!

As a kid, my parents used to get me a variety of jigsaw puzzles.  It didn’t matter how many pieces, I was always up the challenge (sounds familiar, eh? :P). Not too long ago, Zazzle introduced jigsaw puzzles and I … Continue reading

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Who’s That Hiding in the Grass?

I had an interesting scenario during a recent hike at Vassar Farm.  While looking for butterflies and skippers in the grass, I saw something that looked a little odd.  It wasn’t big, about an inch long. Do you see it … Continue reading

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