Who’s That Hiding in the Grass?

There’s more than grass here…

I had an interesting scenario during a recent hike at Vassar Farm.  While looking for butterflies and skippers in the grass, I saw something that looked a little odd.  It wasn’t big, about an inch long.

Do you see it in the photo?  I had to do a double take once I realized what it was…

It was a tiny praying mantis!  It is only the second time I’ve ever seen one in my life, and the first was a full size one.  Down on one knee, I tried to get a photo:

Praying Mantis

It hopped into taller grass shortly after.  I couldn’t believe it… I figured I would never see something like that again.  Would you believe I found this 15 minutes later along the gravel road through the fields:

Praying Mantis

It was a second, brownish praying mantis, again measuring no larger than an inch in size!  I noticed this one while freshly cut grass was blowing in one direction and this was moving into the wind.

If only every hike could turn up such exciting finds like this!  😀

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