Two Full Years!

Black-Billed Cuckoo

Today – Local Exploration turns two years old!  It’s hard to believe, but in that short amount of time I’ve posted over 500 blog entries and shared over 3,500 photos.  All in all, my blog has been visited 45,000 times!  Wow!

As always, a big thank you to all of you who continue to read and follow my adventures through Dutchess County and other locations I visit.  I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without you. 🙂

I have a few goals and aspirations for my junior year as a wildlife blogger/photographer, which I would love to share with you.

First of all, being able to continue writing, hiking & taking pictures is my priority.  I’ve come on some tough times, with nearly all my equipment either failing or in dire need of repairs.  It’s not a surprise though, a decade old desktop?  An eight year old laptop?  A camera lens I’ve shot 20,000 photos without an issue?  It’s a perfect storm of disaster.

One consideration is to start selling my photos locally, but it will take a lot of work.  But what choice do I have?  I could keep pushing my luck with my gear until it’s deader than dead, but that won’t help me.  If I can get my act together and sell some of my work, every penny would go into repairs and upgrades.  Seems like a plan to me!

To compensate for the possibility of getting out less to prepare for this venture, I will try to begin posting educational entries.  Turning Local Exploration into an educational resource seems like a good choice – I love Dutchess County and want to showcase what we have to offer from a hiking and wildlife standpoint.

An with that, it’s back to the grindstone!  Thanks again for all of your support and here’s to another great year of sightings! 😀

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