Well, I’ll be Dammed

Beaver Dam

I’ve been going to Vassar Farm for years now, and I like to think that at this point, not much will surprise me.  Sure, I might get a new species of bird or butterfly from time to time, but for the most part it’s business as usual.  Nature seems to take pleasure in proving me wrong though!

In the back pond area, I was coming up to a wooden bridge that goes over a creek and noticed that the water was very low.  As I got around the bend, I realized it wasn’t from a lack of rain, but from a beaver dam!  I never expected to see something like this here, and so close too!

It was right around 5pm, which was good – beavers seem to be out more in the early evening (it’s also when I had all my previous beaver sightings in Dutchess County).  As I was admiring the work, I had a visitor…

It was the beaver, who seemed extremely curious of my presence at the bridge.  I managed to get this photo, but right after, he turned around and slapped his tail in the water and tried to splash me!


He hung around for several minutes before going underwater and not returning.  I stayed in the area for a good half hour to see if he’d come back, but he did not.  I did however, manage to get this up close shot to show you just how close he came up to me.


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