07/06/12 – Vassar Farm Butterfly & Insect Photos

American Copper

The more I look at the photos from last Friday’s hike at Vassar Farm, the more surprised I become.  Before this hike, I hadn’t been out much locally for nearly two months and I feel as if everything I missed was out and about on this single day.  The butterflies in particular were numerous, so I slowed my pace to look along the flowers and grass for anything I could find.

The community gardens had plenty of cabbage whites and clouded sulphurs to observe and photograph.  The closer I got to the fields though, the more interesting the species became.  I got this American Copper sitting along the trail right near the gates.

In the fields, there were a variety of butterflies, including monarchs, eastern tiger swallowtails, great spangled fritillaries, silver-spotted skippers & a few skippers I haven’t identified yet.  All of them can be found in my photo gallery in this entry.  Enjoy!  If anyone is able to assist on IDing the skippers in my gallery, I’m all ears. 🙂

Vassar Farm Butterfly & Insect Photos (click photos to enlarge)

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