07/06/12 – Vassar Farm Wildlife Photos

American Goldfinch (male)

It’s the day that just keeps on giving!

If a beaver, a hot air balloon, a new bird, & a variety of butterflies weren’t enough during my hike at Vassar Farm last Friday – I still have all the other birds and mammals I found!

When I go to Vassar Farm, I usually have a summer wishlist for bird photographs.  I’m always looking for herons and wood ducks at the ponds; butterflies, finches & swallows at the gardens; and yellowthroats & goldfinches in the fields.  Throw in a new species every now and then I would be ecstatic.

Well, I got all of that… in one day!  I usually have to hoof it for the entire summer to get all of this!  Let’s hope it’s like this all summer! 😀

Vassar Farm Wildlife Photos (click photos to enlarge)

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One Response to 07/06/12 – Vassar Farm Wildlife Photos

  1. avian101 says:

    This is fantastic Derrick, you have so much to see and photograph! 🙂

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