New Bird Photographed – Black-crowned Night-Heron

I can’t keep up with all these new sightings!  In the early evening at Denning’s Point in Beacon, this mysterious heron-shaped bird perched on an open branch.  He was noticeably larger than a green heron, but still smaller than the great blue herons.

The problem though, was that I couldn’t get a better shot than this without walking into the Hudson River, so I waited in hiding.  A few minutes later, an osprey flew by with a freshly caught fish and perched near enough to him which spooked him off of his perch.

I figured it might be now or never… I would have to try and get a clear shot in flight to make the proper identification.  As he flew into perfect light for pictures, I snapped a few photos.  Care to see what he looks like when he’s not a silhouette?

Black-crowned Night-Heron

I couldn’t believe my luck!  It was a black-crowned night heron, a bird I’ve only seen in field guides and identification photos online.  This brings me up to a staggering 140 birds photographed in Dutchess County alone.  It makes me wonder how many more posts I’ll be able to make that start with ‘New Bird Photographed’.

A short time after the above photo was taken, I went back to see if the heron returned.  Wouldn’t you know he was sitting right out in the open, almost begging me to get a better shot?  I happily obliged.  Enjoy!

Black-crowned Night Heron



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3 Responses to New Bird Photographed – Black-crowned Night-Heron

  1. avian101 says:

    Congratulations Derrick for your 140th bird species! 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Nice spot Derrick. Dennings Point proved to be a good place for me to spot the B-C Night Herons during the summer. Look forward to seeing you reach 150!

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