The Hunt for Migrating Sandpipers Continues…

Eleanor Roosevelt Historic Site

I stopped at a variety of locations in hopes to find a few migrating sandpipers back on September 16th.  They can show up anywhere… I’ve found them on the Hudson River, small ponds & even puddles alongside roads.  I’ve usually seen one by now, but with zero sightings, I figured I’d pick up the pace a bit.

The first stop was the Eleanor Roosevelt Historic Mansion.  There is a pond/marsh area there that I figured could be a solid place to start.

Norrie Point

Sadly, it was a strike out.  There were plenty of other birds though, such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, and even a few common yellowthroats.  There were plenty of eastern painted turtles sitting out as well.  After a while, we drove out to Staatsburg to check along the Hudson River.

Norrie Point was next on the my list of stops.  I figured the area by the education center could provide a few sandpiper sightings.  Once again, it was a swing and a miss.  We tried the Mills Mansion historic site too, a place where I’ve seen a few in the past.  Again, nothing.

Vassar Farm

Finally, on the way home, I figured I should stop at Vassar Farm and check there.  It is the place were I have most consistently found sandpipers the last two years.  If I was going to find one this day, it would be here.

With the belted kingfisher and herons watching me scour the area, I didn’t turn up a single sighting!  It just didn’t seem possible that I went the whole day without one.

I guess it is what it is, it wasn’t my day.  At least I got to enjoy being outside on another beautiful weekend!  I did take some other scenery shots when I wasn’t finding sandpipers. 😛


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