New Bird Photographed – Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin

Now here’s a bird I’ve searched for years to find, and Saturday’s hike at Peach Hill Park, I finally got my first glimpse of the pine siskin.

I was sitting at one of the benches around the summit when several flocks of birds descending on the nearby trees.  As I looked and listened, I could hear something I didn’t recognize, which at this stage of my bird watching, is always exciting.

When I identified them as pine siskins, I began to focus heavily on photographing them.  There was probably 12-15 of them in the flock, and I got to observe them feeding on whatever food they could find.  This would be species #142 photographed in Dutchess County!  What I way to break back into this with two new species for my local collection of photos. 🙂

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