Lens Acquired! On to the Body…


Red-shouldered Hawk

Last weekend, I met with a fellow photographer and purchased the Canon 100-400mm L Series Telephoto Lens!  It was much sooner than I anticipated, but there are certainly no complains here!  I took a couple of photos with it at various locations and was pleased with the results.

This red-shouldered hawk was the standout of the day in Hyde Park near the Winakee Nature Preserve.  I can see an immediate difference in the quality, and I can only assume it will get better as I use it more and more.

With the lens acquired, I am now turning my attention to a new camera body upgrade.  As I inch closer and closer to selling prints, I want to make sure I have a camera that can capture even more detail than my Canon EOS 50D.  I am looking at the next model up, the 7D.  I’ve heard many wildlife photographers praise this camera for its ability, and once again, my goal is to get it by the Spring time.

To make things even more difficult, we are officially moving out next Saturday, despite not closing on our first home yet.  My time outdoors will be more limited than normal, but I am gearing up to be completely settled in by the end of March.  It is a lofty goal, and I will try my best to accomplish it.  Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this busy time, and I promise to come back strong.

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