Body Acquired! Now on to our New Home…


New Equipment!

A week after purchasing the Canon 100-400mm lens from a fellow photographer, that same photographer asked if I was interested in the Canon EOS 7D.  I couldn’t believe that it would only take a matter of two weeks to get the equipment I yearned for in such a short period of time.

I personally want to thank everyone for helping me get to this point.  Nearly all of the stuff I put up for sale around the house was sold, allowing me to make this big purchase while in the middle of our bigger purchase… our first house.

Which brings me to my next big announcement… we are no longer at our current residence.  My days of living across the street from Peach Hill Park are over, and we still do not have a firm closing date on our new house.  I am trying to remain optimistic that we will be there by the end of the month, but nothing is certain.  I will soon be in a new county, but not far away from where I have taken a majority of my pictures.

I tried to get out with the new equipment today, but the weather was far from cooperative.  It was a shame too, as we heard two barred owls hooting nearby right when it began sleeting.  Looks like we will all have to wait and see what the camera and lens are capable of!

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