Using the New Equipment – 03/02/13 and 03/03/13


Hooded Merganser

While we patiently (impatiently?) wait to get into our first house, I figured I might as well get acquainted with the new camera equipment.  After all, that’s what you’re here for right? 😛

Over the weekend, we visited five places: Peach Hill Park, Norrie Point, Mills Mansion, Vassar Farm & Overlook Park.  The weather was far from nice out, with occasional snow showers popping up from time to time.  I’m happy to report that even in less than stellar lighting outdoors, the Canon EOS 7D excels!  The birds were few and far between, but practice is practice, no matter what the subject is.

Stay tuned throughout the week to see some of the latest shots.  On a personal note, I can’t stress how happy I am to get back to doing this again.  The lull that started in September may finally be wrapping up!

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